MiTi is a commercial and logistic company that provides commitment and competence in serving large-scale retail stores and parapharmacies. The company deals mainly with the marketing of Health care products (perfumery products, parapharmacy products and nutritional supplements) Food and Pet care products. In less than 5 years MiTi has become partner of more than 100 suppliers and now covers more than 90% of the large-scale retail stores in Italy.


Commercial services a team specialized in satisfying all costumers' requirements concerning products and working solutions for each store.

Logistic/storage services modern technological systems and efficient processes specially designed to collect and fill orders in stock, and to deliver our products to the customer.


Category management for different markets: parapharmacy, perfumery, professional, natural and pet care products, as well as food and accessories.
Products storage
In-store rack jobbing


"The strength of our company lies in its staff: MiTi is strongly convinced that only a tight-knit and motivated team is the basis for a top-notch service".


Our business structure is organized in order to satisfy our customers' needs on any occasion. Each department guarantees efficiency and competence.

customer service

Customer Service

A team specialized in helping customers and coordinating sales network, merchandisers as well as category and space allocation services.

area amministrativa

Administrative Department

Division in charge of the business administration.

area acquisti

Purchasing Department

A team specialized in finding and purchasing the best products at the best prices available on the market.

area logistica


Structures and staff specialized in supervising the flow of merchandise from suppliers to customers.

area marketing

Marketing Department

In charge of the different brands and products' statistics as well as the creation of marketing plans and promotions aimed at sales.

area estero

Foreign Department

Division in charge of the globalization aspects.

Sales Network

"MiTi's Sales Network can boast a consolidated experience in its field and its influence extends therefor across the whole international area in which it operates. The Area Managers are constantly and directly in contact with the company, in order to follow and put into practice the company's guidelines, and to effectively help customers."


Area Management

2 Area Managers in charge of the company's guidelines and of making sure agents in the stores adhere to them.



A network of agents in charge of supporting the stores and of arranging orders in terms of quantity and products.



Merchandisers in the different stores in charge of all monitoring activities, such as organizing shelves and collecting information.